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We confidently state that we at Diversified Design Technologies, Inc. can consistently document a return on investment for every project that we have designed and managed. Our projects have also received unparalleled acclaim for our creative design solutions as well as our innovative and efficient use of space.

In simple terms the goal of our services is to manage the fluid movement of people within a defined space. We are proud to state that the office environments that we have created for our clients have contributed significantly to increased efficiency and productivity. We also affirm that our clients have benefitted by the enhancement of their professional image; resulting in greater case-acceptance, staff retention and a marked increase in patient referrals from their professional colleagues- All of which equates to profitability.

Our client list includes numerous medical specialists, including: orthopedists; obstetrician/gynecologists; gastroenterologists; ophthalmologists and colorectal surgeons, as well as veterinarians. However, we are best known for our expertise in dental office design. Collectively we have designed over 300,000 square feet of professional office space in twelve states.

Our company slogan, “Profit By Design” speaks to the purpose as well as the effect of design and engenders our philosophy that, responsible design will assure a return on your investment. To that end, we are committed to the creation of an office facility that reflects your professional image, enhances efficiency and productivity, while stringently managing the cost of its development.

Garrett Ludwig

Garrett Ludwig, Diversified Design Technologies | Dental Office Design | Glastonbury, CTAs President of Diversified Design Technologies, Garrett Ludwig brings a unique knowledge base and skill-set to office design and project management. Having begun working in the building trades at an early age Garrett has had extensive, hands-on experience with all of the building trades; much of which was acquired during his twenty-five year career as a cabinet designer and manufacturer.

Garrett is vigilant about research. By example, he attended courses in four-handed-dentistry at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine prior to specializing in dental design. He has taken the same approach with innovative and cost-effective construction techniques, building code and zoning compliance. His ultimate skill is his ability to meld all elements of design into a functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing health care facility; thereby establishing him as a leader in medical and dental office design.

Garrett received a patent for one of his designs, and many others of his projects have been featured in national trade publications, including: Furniture Design & Manufacturing; Dental Economics; Dental Entrepreneur; Journal of Esthetic Dentistry; Woman Dentist Journal; Dentistry IQ; Dental Entrepreneur. Garrett has also lectured on the elements of dental office design and their impact on the Business of Dentistry throughout the Continental United States; including the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine since 1985.

Garrett is an advocate of the team approach to design. Every project has many facets, which require special expertise. Although we must direct all of these skilled individuals, we must also rely on their initiative and ability to produce the desired results. We align ourselves with people who have a proven record for producing excellence in their respective areas of expertise.

“Judge a man by his questions, rather than by his answers”