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Our clients and our work speak for themselves.

What they're saying:

Matthew S. Ginsburg, DMD, PC

I was referred to Diversified Design Technologies by 2 dental school classmates and colleagues that also work in Boston. The prospect of having to move and re-design my dental office in one year was daunting. I had to find a suitable location, secure a lease, and design and build from scratch. I can do that in the mouth, no problem, but this was overwhelming. Garrett Ludwig calmly walked me through every step and thoroughly planned everything out along the way. He saved me time, money, headaches and mental anguish. Garrett is a conscientious and diligent Dental Office Designer and Architect and is knowledgeable in all the trades necessary to get the job done. Professionals that he brought to the table were a huge help and value to my project, many of whom I now use personally outside of my dental office. Above all, Garrett was a calming influence on me throughout the design and construction process and helped me feel at ease every step of the way. I would highly recommend Diversified Design Technologies and Garrett Ludwig for any full office build-out, renovation, or even just to see what is possible for you!


Anthony Storace, DDS

One of our most remarkable endorsements was received recently through LinkedIn- a mere 35 years after completion of that client’s project.

I have known Garrett since 1979 when he helped me construct my first office and advised me on what needed to be done. Nothing out of the ordinary, you would say. Except I was a dental student, a state away, and pretty much knew nothing about office design. Garrett received the plans and we discussed options. He said not to worry about a thing. I think it is in people’s nature to worry about this type of construction, but he was right. He took care of the project and made sure I was taken care of all the way. It was more than just business. It was his integrity and his commitment to be the best he can be every step of the way. Thanks Garrett.


Eric Whidden, DDS

Working with Garrett Ludwig on our new office project was an experience that was second to none. His attention to quality control that is customized to each client and to each project, sets the bar high for anyone in the industry. From design inception, execution, and a relentless commitment to his clients’ well-being, it is a given that Garrett stands behind his work and will do whatever it takes to ensure a quality product. His business philosophy is that everyone is an equal part of the team. He exemplifies this through his strong ability to communicate clear expectations for all. The result, is an ergonomically designed, maximally productive, and profitable practice facility that is an immediate return on the investment. We are proud of the thoughtfulness, commitment and quality of work that Garrett has demonstrated through the design, construction and commissioning of our new practice. He will always have our admiration, respect and appreciation for the excellent work he as done. Simply stated… we couldn’t be happier!


Mario Lucca, DMD

I was referred to Diversified Design by a colleague that utilized Garrett Ludwig’s services for design of her dental office in Boston’s Back Bay. She told me that she could not have got through her project without him. I echo her sentiments wholeheartedly. Garrett partnered with me to design and oversee every detail of my oral surgery practice build out in Boston in 2016. As is the case with many city construction endeavors, my project was plagued by difficulties with finding the right space, obtaining the proper permits, various personalities big and small (helpful and not) and delays and cost over runs. Through every step in the process Garrett was there to help. Diversified provided oversight on everything from consultation with finding a viable space, to introductions with vendors, contractors and designers, to personal and professional advocacy to see that my vision was realized. For the duration of almost a 2-year endeavor, Garrett provided me with peace of mind and guided me through every minute detail of the process. Garrett Ludwig is an honorable and honest professional that brings exceptional experience and talent to the table. Garrett exudes a commitment to personalized service and attention to detail that is manifest in the final product. I cannot recommend his services enough.


Pat DeFrancesco, DC

I want to take this time to thank you personally for your expertise and exceptional planning of our recent office project. Now that we have been settled into the completion of the project we realize how valuable your services were to making this a success. Our patients are enjoying the practice due to an increased esthetic.


Rick Short, DMD & Ronni Schnell, DMD

Your diligence and thorough documentation on the construction plans saved us a substantial amount of time and money… You should be proud of the way it turned-out.


Randy Weiner, DMD

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your help with my new office. Needless to say, the patients are thrilled with it, especially the openness of it. The bigger reception area with the skylights are a huge hit. My staff loves the larger business room (now they are not as crammed as we were before) and the new lounge area. Placing insulation in all the walls to reduce the sound was a good idea. I am glad you talked me into having a consult room. You can feel free to use me as a reference if you need. I you are ever in the area, don’t be a stranger!


Jack Monaco, MD

Garrett has designed each of my 3 offices and redesigned 2 of them when we chose to remodel and update. He has an unusually keen grasp of office design to improve efficiency, lower costs of operation and increase patient flow, satisfaction and revenue. He is professional, creative and maintains the highest level of integrity. He usually saves more in construction and operational costs that more than covers his professional services.


Richard Wies, AIA – (In a message to Robert Golia, DDS)

I had a nice chat with Garrett after I left your office this a.m. and congratulated him on the new office. And, I just wanted to tell you again how nice it was to see your offices and how high you set the bar with the design. Just speaking from a patient’s perspective, it’s the nicest doctor’s office I’ve been in or seen! To arrive at sidewalk level and see into such an inviting waiting room is remarkable; then once inside, even though it’s a large office, it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been in much smaller offices that still feel like an assembly line. The sight changes in finish and detail, furniture and furnishings as you go from room to room are refreshingly thought out, including lighting. And the overall finish level is terrific without being over the top. I also appreciated the seamless integration of technology. From my architect’s perspective, it’s great to see that there has been such dedication to the design of the working and patient environment. I’ve seen so many offices, old and new, where there just was no priority for good design. I also wanted to say how nice all of your staff are- they were always very nice of course, but they are clearly delighted with their new surroundings and seemed very grateful that all their staff needs were carefully considered along with everyone else’s (looks like Garrett even considered your needs- why the heck did he do that?) You and Garrett really nailed this one- congrats!


Kristen Dority, DMD

Thank you, Garrett, for creating my dream dental office. I had a vague vision and you made it into existence. Everyone says ‘wow’ when s/he enters my dental office & over time I got used to it. I just went to another dental office open house, and realized how fortunate I was to have met you, Garrett, at Yankee and timing worked out that you were able to help me. The other dental office lacked efficiency, security, and just common sense. Of course it was designed by a dental supply company who also sold the dentist a lot of unnecessary stuff. Those off-the-rack type cabinets and stericenter take up so much room, whereas in my office I don’t have to move so much, saving my energy so I can go home to my family refreshed and not burned out. The sad truth is that I could have been that other dentist without your help. I also realized that dental office design is much more than just the layout of the space. Since we moved into the new space you created, I and my team have less physical pain, better mood (we love coming to work!), and therefore better dental work. We have pleasant work days. We can retain better staff. The practice revenue increased 50%- so I and all my team members got raises. I really appreciate your integrity, honesty, initiatives, and kind smile. I learned so much- about construction but also how to deal with people, how to manage stress and how to live a better life from you. In retrospect, the best thing I did was to have you lead me in all aspects of construction, including looking at the potential spaces, reading the lease, dealing with all vendors on my behalf. My one regret is I didn’t listen to you for everything. The things I said “no, Garrett, this is MY dental office and I want it this way”, well, those things I’m glad I listened to you! It is so refreshing to know that you put my best interest first at all times, and never tried to just make money off of me. And the best part of all is that now I have a trusted friend who I can call at any time.


Norman Hammer, DDS

You faced an extraordinary challenge head-on and saw it through to the end. Your accessibility, responsiveness and attention to detail were invaluable in the successful completion of the project.


Barbara Rosen, Practice Manager – Women’s Health Group

Just a note to thank you for the fine work you did with our Rocky Hill renovation. The finished project is very feminine, soft and comfortable. We are so pleased with the project. We hope you feel the same. You are a pleasure to work with and your designs made the work space esthetically pleasing.


Collin Sanford, DMD

Your expertise has been much appreciated over the years in both academic and practical settings. I am sure that you will continue to provide excellent advise to all of those who utilize your s services.


Anthony Altieri, DMD

We were very happy with Garrett Ludwig’s design and how he made the T-shaped office work for us. He thought of things we really hadn’t, and when he presented the final plan to us, there wasn’t much that we had to change…I walked into what was to be our new waiting room and was amazed, wondering how we had worked in the old office. This was a big decision and cost around $500,000, but it was worth it… Think about how many hours you spend in your practice. Don’t you want to work somewhere you enjoy that makes you feel good?


Pamela Maki, MBA

Diversified Design Technologies is not your everyday company. Project identification and individualization is their strongest point. There is nothing generic about their approach. The analysis process identified problems and solved them. Meetings between Mr. Ludwig and myself were panoramic and thought provoking. His expertise in the evaluation of medical practices was indispensable. From start to finish Diversified Design Technologies, was there. Beyond the scope of design, they handled the politics of city inspectors and permits. Throughout the building of my office, Mr. Ludwig created an indispensably productive working relationship with the general contractor. To everyone’s satisfaction, Diversified Design Technologies took an antiquated office and created a modern, professional atmosphere where our daily practice of medicine is pleasant for staff and patients alike.