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How did an 80 square-foot addition to an existing vestibule allow us to increase this practice’s administrative space by 250 square feet?

Glastonbury Dental Associates

Quite simply, the addition allowed us to relocate the entry door further into the waiting room; thereby affording us the means to expand the business area into poorly used waiting area space.  One of the greatest results of that effort was the ability to provide full HIPAA compliance in an area that was previously compromised. The redesigned waiting area now features a children’s play area in addition to abundant seating for patients. 

That was the beginning. We also removed two stairwells and consolidated access to the lower and second levels of the structure via a singular stair tower.  The displacement of a modest revenue-producing tenant in the walk-out  lower-level, allowed us to provide a full staff break-room, staff coat and locker storage, full-size laundry, staff lavatory, medical gas storage and a small conference room; affectionately  know by the docs as the “situation room”.

Other than a full gut and redesign of two existing treatment rooms and one hygiene room, and upgrade in finishes to the other four treatment and five hygiene rooms the clinical space remained un-changed. However, the main floor benefited distinctly by a redesigned and enhanced lab, profoundly expanded sterilization area, milling machine storage, cone beam x-ray, expanded consultation room and the inclusion of a handicapped accessible lavatory.  In kind, the impact of the 80 square-foot addition allowed apace for the practice administrator, two insurance processing areas, a greeter and two treatment coordinators.

Last, but certainly not least, the former space shared by the staff and docs as a private office and staff kitchenette was transformed into three, individual private offices for the docs.  Amazingly, this complex transformation took place during full office operations; with brief shutdowns; mostly during normal office closures.  Our gratitude goes out to the staff for tolerating the renovations with patience and style.