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Absence of Pain Equals Absence of Pathology! Right!?

How disturbing is it when a patient refuses routine diagnostics simply because they have no symptoms and they wish to save money?  How distressing is it to have to treat that patient for a preventable disease that has finally progressed to a symptomatic, intolerable or critical state? To make matters worse, how unsettling would it be to have that patient disregard your treatment plan simply due to their reluctance to expend the time or funds; despite your assurance of a favorable prognosis?

Although there is no comparison to the element of human suffering associated with disease, the time and expenses that accompany the discovery and management of preventable conditions transcends all aspects of life.  Awareness is the key to homeostasis- be it physical health of fiscal health.

We are frequently reminded by utility companies through MC Hammer’s message, “You can’t touch that…” to be mindful about power-line safety.  And the business of “Call Before You Dig” is inundated with requests from contractors and homeowners daily to accommodate everything from underground utilities to pet-containment systems..    In kind diagnostic health care testing and outpatient surgical facilities are cropping up in every community.  We are truly the Information Generation.

So, it would be prudent to ask ourselves:  Is that a cable or telephone line- or might it be a power line that could render severe burns or electrocution; might that shallow ditch penetrate a utility feed and interrupt service for several days; is that a sebaceous cyst or a malignant growth; is the new suite harboring any construction challenges or budgetary concerns that will challenge the success of my project?  We live in a “pay now, or pay later” world.  Prevention, management and the administration of curative measures will assuredly save you money, and efficient and functional planning will guarantee a substantial return on investment.

As physicians and dentists you are uniquely aware of the benefits and value of preventative measures and focused remedies.  It is not worth taking a risk when it comes to making the largest investment of your professional career- the creation of a facility that will support and enhance your ability to deliver your professional services and support the well-being of your family?

Our mantra regarding responsible design is best summarized in our Mission Statement:

“Our company slogan, “Profit By Design” speaks to the purpose as well as the effect of design and engenders our philosophy that responsible design will assure a return on investment.  To that end, we are committed to the creation of an office facility that reflects your professional image and enhances efficiency and productivity, while stringently managing the cost of its development.”